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Carla Plotkin - Massage Therapist

Pregnancy Massage

I have been certified in Pregnancy / Maternity Massage since 2003, and find it extremely rewarding to help ease the Mom’s To Be discomfort both physically and emotionally.  As a certified Pregnancy / Maternity Massage Therapist, I am able to work with you through all phases of pregnancy including:  pre-natal (through the 1st trimester if there is no pre-existing condition or concern (you should check with you OB if you are unsure) through the 3rd trimester), labor stimulation point work to try ease you into labor, during early labor, and of course post-partum care.  With each stage of pregnancy new challenges arise and each pregnancy is different.  This is the reason each session is tailored to fit the individual Mom’s To Be needs of that day.  Whether it is raising the head of the massage table to ease heartburn or finding the right pillow and position to make our future Mom as comfortable as possible, ALL her needs will be met.    



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