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Empower Touch

Carla Plotkin - Massage Therapist


We offer a range of services to treat your illness. 

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SWEDISH: Long massage strokes on the superficial muscles with the focus on relaxation, pressure varies with client preference.

DEEP TISSUE: Concentrated/focus work with the intention of breaking up adhesions in the muscle fibers and releasing tight muscles, firmer pressure used to client tolerance.

MYOFASCIAL: Light superficial work with the focus of unwinding the fascia (the outer covering of muscle tissue).

SPORTS MASSAGE: A variety of strokes including kneading and compression with some stretching designed to help the athlete with muscle recovery and increased endurance.  Also available for outcalls at sporting events for pre, intra, and post event massage.

REFLEXOLOGY: Mainly done at feet with firm pressure to specific points on meridians that correspond to different parts of the body.

MATERNITY: Including prenatal, labor stimulation and post natal;

Prenatal is individualized to meet the needs of the expectant mother, designed to ease the discomfort associated with the emotional and physical changes that occur during pregnancy. It also promotes healthy circulation and overall relaxation. 

Labor stimulation point work is specific firm pressure to the meridian points that correspond to the uterine muscles intending to cause relaxation of these muscles - only after 36 weeks.

Postnatal is done to expedite the return of the uterus to its normal size and location, while also helping to ease some of the discomfort both physically and emotionally that the new mother may experience.

FERTILITY: A 90 minute specialized massage protocol that combines cranial sacral work for grounding and overall relaxation, deep tissue work for adhesion stripping and scar tissue removal, and reflexology for hormone balancing. A castor oil pack is used to help soften the tissue and aid in toxin removal, thereby increasing blood flow to the uterine tissue. The protocol can only be done after menses and before ovulation.  Fertility massage is safe and affordable treatment and can be used as an alternative to or as an adjunct to traditional fertility treatments.   

 A first session includes a detailed history, discussion, and education.  The mom to be will learn to be more in tune with her cycle, and will adapt certain behavior modifications including diet and exercise.  She will learn how to use the castor oil packs at home as well as some self massage techniques for herself and her partner, thus empowering her on her journey.      

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